The Hotmail Guide

The Ways to Sign in Hotmail


You need to know that Hotmail has really changed a lot from the original offerings. However, with the passing of time, it has only gotten much better. At the moment that it is known as Windows Live Hotmail since it comes under the live product homepage. When one would like to visit the sign in page of Hotmail, then one may go to When you would enter Hotmail then you can come on the same page. This is about the user preference.


There is a page open and it is a sign-up page for the new accounts and it is the page in which one existing user may log in. When you are a user of Hotmail and you use the services for free then you are provided with 5GB space and with an improvised security along with the spam filters. You have to know that the Hotmail sign up page has that simple interface that is fast and also easy to load. Moreover, there is no flashy or hi-fi banner just for the user's ease.


When the Windows Live Hotmail page would be opened, then you will see two sections. The left section is actually for the new users and the right is going to be for Hotmail sign in. This would ask for the email ID together with your password. When the user would give the correct ID as well as password immediately, he or she can be logged in. You can then view the emails and also send emails. When you have given an incorrect information, then a screen message is going to show up and will display elaborating that you have provided an incorrect email ID or password.


Also, you will be able to see Forgot Password section at the bottom of the two fields and you can have a few checks such as remember my password and remember me, the user may click both checks simultaneously or any based on one's preference.


With the Hotmail sign in, what you simply have to make sure is that you have email ID and the password so that you can successfully sign in the Hotmail account. But, you should know that there is really nothing to worry about because you will surely be able to recover the details which you have forgotten. Well, there is nothing to worry for sure because you can still retrieve those important details so long as you can access your primary email address. Click here for more tips.